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Get an instant valuation

If you would like to know how much your car is worth, you are in the right place. Simply provide us the details on your vehicle and you will receive an online valuation within 2 minutes. Should you accept the quotation, subject to inspection, we will take the car off your hands while you drive away in a brand new vehicle.

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The vehicle inspection

After your online valuation has been provided, our team of professionals will need to see your vehicle to assure that the vehicle is as described. Arrangements can be made to either bring your vehicle to our collection centre or we can visit you, the choice is yours.

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Accepting your valuation

Once the vehicle inspection has been completed and a price has been agreed upon, the value of your vehicle will be subtracted from the purchase price on your contract. If you are not purchasing a vehicle from us, we will simply pay you the agreed amount via electronic funds transfer and take the vehicle off your hands.

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*The price listed is indicative information only. Our dealer network will provide a firm offer upon inspection.