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1 Polestar for sale in Australia

Lower your out of pocket expense.

1 Polestar for sale in Australia

Polestar 2
534 MY22 Standard range Fastback Single motor

The 2022 Polestar 2 534 MY22 Standard Range Single Motor Reduction Gear Fastback is an electric vehicle from the Swedish automaker Polestar, known for its commitment to sustainability and advanced technology. The ``Standard Range`` variant suggests a balance between performance and electric range, making it a practical choice for daily driving. Equipped with a Single Motor and a Reduction Gear, the Polestar 2 offers a smooth and efficient driving experience. The Fastback design provides a sleek and modern exterior, while the MY22 indicates its from the model year 2022. Polestar vehicles often feature a minimalist and tech-forward interior, with a focus on sustainable materials and cutting-edge infotainment and safety technologies. As an electric fastback, the Polestar 2 is designed to appeal to environmentally conscious drivers who seek a combination of electric performance, a stylish design, and innovative features. The Single Motor and Reduction Gear contribute to a dynamic driving experience, making the Polestar 2 a compelling option in the electric vehicle market.

In perth

est. $211/wk based on 9.99% p.a.


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